ACNL Halloween Guide – Masks

This is an article about ACNL Halloween Guide – Masks. Halloween is on October 31 in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Amid Halloween, you can get candies and treat from villagers, which you can trade with Jack for uncommon Spooky or Creepy furniture. Amid October, Labelle offers Halloween covers, and the Nooklings offer Spooky Set furniture. On Halloween, between 6 PM and midnight, you can play scaled-down recreations with villagers outside, terrify villagers in their homes, and converse with Jack, who is meandering around town, for an opportunity to get a treat and uncommon things.

ACNL Halloween Guide – Masks

ACNL Halloween Guide

ACNL Halloween Guide

ACNL Halloween Guide image

ACNL Halloween Guide image


At the point when your villagers play traps on you, they can for all time transform your things into different things! Make sure to either exhaust your pockets, or fill your pockets with things that you wouldn’t fret losing, and make certain to wear an outfit that you wouldn’t fret losing!

The most effective method to Get Candy and Other Items

You can get sweet and things from villagers and from Jack on Halloween. Open air villagers will give you treat in the event that you win their small-scale diversions, and indoor villagers will give you sweet on the off chance that you terrify them. Jack will give you things in return for a treat and can give you a thing on the off chance that you don’t give him sweet when he inquires.

Things from Jack

Amid Halloween, Jack will meander around your town. You can give him sweetly to get Halloween-themed things. Jack firmly favors candies and will give you better things for them, however, he will likewise give you things in return for a customary treat. Additionally, you can converse with Jack while not conveying sweet or wearing headgear (or decline to give him treat) to get a pumpkin head cover.

ACNL Halloween Masks – Outdoor Villagers on Halloween

Villagers strolling outside will wear pumpkin head covers of various hues, and they will attempt to keep running up to you on the off chance that they see you. In the event that you have sweet in your pockets, you can pick “treat” to give these villagers sweet and get an insight about what alternate villagers are frightened of. In the event that you don’t have sweet, or you pick “deceive”, you can play a smaller than normal diversion with these villagers. In the event that you win the minigame, the villager gives you sweet. In the event that you lose, the town plays a trap on you, which may influence one of your things to be forever supplanted. Things you can get from villager tricks are a Pumpkin Mask, fixed attire things, old deck/backdrop, and a Jack-in-the-case. These can’t be reordered from the index. Wearing Halloween-themed headgear, or non-reorderable headgear will influence you to get an option that is other than a Pumpkin Mask. Wearing fixed attire, or non-reorderable dress will influence you to get an option that is other than fixed garments. You can just get the Jack-in-the-case if your pockets are full. The Jack-in-the-crate will forever supplant one of your things.

ACNL Halloween Masks – Indoor Villagers on Halloween

On the off chance that you go into a villager’s home and converse with them while wearing the right veil, the villager will give you a candy, which you can provide for different villagers or trade with Jack to get Halloween-themed things. In the event that you are wearing the wrong cover, the villager will trick you.

You can get one candy for every indoor villager. Spare and reset to change which villagers are in their homes. You can likewise visit companions’ towns to get more candies.

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