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Earthbound Halloween Hack, or Radiation’s Halloween Hack, likewise at times known as Press the B Button, Stupid! is a romhack of EarthBound made by Toby Fox and discharged in 2008 for’s Halloween Funfest. It was roused by the Brandish arrangement, where the hack’s hero, Varik originates from. It is considerably shorter than the first EarthBound.

Earthbound Halloween Hack Story

The hack happens in a substitute course of events of EarthBound, where the picked four didn’t return. Varik is entrusted with murdering a beast who executed a young lady’s mom. The hack begins in Towson, at that point proceeds through the dim Sewers, Winters the “place that is known for fate”.

Earthbound Halloween Hack image

Earthbound Halloween Hack image

Now, Varik needs to settle on a decision regardless of whether murder Dr. Andonuts. The main evident decision is “yes”, since picking the other, clear decision influences the storyteller to state it is anything but a decision and comes back to the determination screen. Picking yes influences Varik to slaughter Dr. Andonuts and makes the amusement end early. On the off chance that the player presses the B catch, similar to the diversion’s elective title supports, Varik gets into Dr. Andonuts’ brain, Magicant. From that point, Varik discovers Dr. Andonuts’ lost valor, battling 3 managers and picking up the 3 accomplices from EarthBound and continues to the Sea of Eve. From that point, Varik achieves a region that uses Twoson’s tileset and enters Dr. Andonuts’ mind. He meets Dr. Andonuts, whose appearance is presently awful. Varik massacres Andonuts’ Id, which doesn’t utilize any assaults. Dr. Andonuts changes to another shape, having blue sparkle around him and utilizing great assaults, as Megalovania plays. Varik and his gathering, in the long run, overcome him, influencing the storyteller to specify that he didn’t generally need to slaughter him (which isn’t genuine – murdering Dr. Andonuts is the best way to achieve the finish of the hack). The hack closes with an apparition pooting all over to give a disappointment and Toby Fox expressing gratitude toward the player for playing the hack.


The general ongoing interaction is the same as in the first EarthBound, with the content or fight frameworks being unaltered. The hack is that as it may, considerably more troublesome than the first.


Toby Fox created a custom soundtrack for the hack, even though hacking EarthBound’s music was extremely hard, as indicated by the “making of” HTML page. Its majority depends on EarthBound’s unique melodies, with 2 tunes being ported from different amusements and 3 tunes being totally unique.


Toby Fox points of interest the improvement of the hack in an HTML page included with the hack and on his previous site.

Incidental data

Earthbound Halloween Hack wasn’t the main EarthBound romhack Toby made. He made another, a considerably more cheerful hack called Arn’s Winter Quest. Undertale referenced EarthBound Halloween Hack in several spots. One of the blossoms in Magicant says that Dr. Adndonuts utilized it in a test, which matches Flowey. Photoshop Flowey’s amusement over the screen is non-standard, with Flowey prodding the player about it simply being a fantasy, and giggles for some time before he shuts the diversion.

The same thing occurs in the Halloween Hack on the off chance that you lose to Dr. Andonuts, aside from the diversion doesn’t close. What’s more, obviously, there’s the way that a rendition of Megalovania plays on a Genocide Route after Sans clarifies that the hero is detestable and a danger.

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